Push Notifications on Browsers is a relatively new marketing channel and user experiences for this channel are still evolving. When a web visitor on your website subscribes to email, he is used to getting a verification email and/or welcome email.

With PushEngage you can start sending a free push notification to your subscribers. When a user subscribes to Push Notification on your site, it is a good idea to send out a Welcome Notification. This helps in many ways – Firstly, it confirms to the user that now he is subscribed.  This is important as the opt-in is through pop-up (s), which can get confusing for users. Secondly, it maintains similar experience to email subscription which the for Push Notifications as he is familiar with it.

Here is how to Enable Welcome Notifications in PushEngage.  Go to Settings -> Installation Settings in PushEngage Dashboard, and scroll down.  You will need to check the box to enable Welcome Notification. Then you can configure your welcome message and welcome image as well.



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  1. Rohit Singh Reply

    Really great way I have not used push engage till now but I am surely use it on my blogging and this will greatly improve my blog subscription.Thanks for developing this app.

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