Blogging is one of the most recommended methods for a business/individual to engage with customers. The continuous practice of blogging helps you to get clear on the ideal audience you want to reach and the community you want to build.

From small websites to fortune 500, companies are building a strong online presence with refreshing content. It is one of the cost-effective strategies which will reap benefits for a long time.

However, successful blogging not only requires amazing content but reaching the readers in a more sophisticated way. In this post, you will learn how browser-based push notifications help you to reach your audience in a much simpler way and ultimately make your lives easier.

PushEngage is a tool helps you to send notifications to your subscribers. These are browsers notifications and your subscribers don't have to be present on your websites to receive your messages. You can install push notifications in blogger site.

4 reasons why bloggers need browser-based push notifications

  1. The Easier, Faster way to build your marketing list.

 grow your traffic with push notifications 

Growing marketing list is the primary strategy of any online marketing. Certainly, bloggers are adding contacts regularly to keep the list fresh. By offering freebies like ebook and inviting audiences for an unavoidable webinar, bloggers find their unique growth approach.

PushEngage is a handy tool for every blogger to grow the marketing list very quickly and very easily. Push engage offers a single tap subscribe option to HTTP sites and HTTPS sites equally and simplifies the customer experience.  The fewer steps you have in the process, the less friction you will have, which increase the subscribe conversion rate.

With PushEngage, users can subscribe in one click and not need to share any personal information. They will receive the notifications from the favorite websites on their browsers.

  1. Drive more traffic (up to 40% higher) and re-engage with your readers.

The next very step every blogger do after publishing an amazing content is to acquire readers for the blog. As more traffic leads to more ads displayed per user which in turn bring more revenue from advertising. What if you couldn't bring enough traffic to the blog? If you're struggling with traffic for your blog, Browser-based notification is one of the solutions.  It helps you get the visitors back to your site With browser-based notification, some of our customers are experiencing a high click rate and subscriber rate. With an open rate of up to 80 %, they could bring back their audience to the website.  We have seen a large blog and content sites drive up to 40% of monthly active visitors through this channel.

  1. Yield better response than any other marketing channels.                    

push Notifications has better CTR Vs Email

Studies show that email and social media are the most effective marketing channels. But, you need to put a lot of effort into these channels before you could connect with users. In emails, from crafting clickable headline to persuading content, your email shouldn't stink to convince your users for a click. If all goes well, you would be getting a click rate of 1.0 to 4%. That is the average email click-through rate.

With Push notifications, subscribers will get your notifications at any time right at their browsers. You don't need users at your websites to send it,  and the click rates can be as high as 30%, which is several times higher than email. Another advantage of push notifications is, subscribers don't need to log in Google or Twitter or Facebook to receive the notifications. They could be anywhere on the web to receive your communications.

  1.  Automated Push Notifications for Bloggers

    PushEngage Offers a WordPress Plugin, that automatically sends out a notification when a new post is published.  For non-WordPress blogs, we offer an RSS based automation where we send out a push notification based on new posts published to your RSS feed.  This is a great value add for bloggers as now they don't need to spend time in manually sending push notifications.

  2. Send notifications in mobile, without owning a mobile app

 It is evident that the world is moving towards mobile. For companies to survive they should have a strong mobile strategy. This leads to many marketers as well as bloggers to build mobile-oriented campaigns and tools to support it.

The increase in the number of mobile addicts gives rise to a mobile website and mobile apps. Personalization via mobile apps generates more revenue according to business.

PushEngage helps you to send mobile notifications to your subscribers without owning a mobile app. Not convinced?

Yes, Now you can send mobile notifications to your users to convert subscribers in a single click option displayed in your website. Once they subscribed, you can  send browser based notifications as like app notifications.

Here is a testimonial from an active Blogger Harsh Agarwal from Shoutmeloud

"I have been using PushEngage on ShoutMeLoud for web-based push notifications. If you haven't yet integrated it, you should do that right now. I'm seeing great results from the web-based push notifications"

So what are you waiting for, if you are already not registered, sign up for a trial account right away.