Update:  We recently published a case study, where BollywoodKart saw a 15% lift in revenue from Abandoned Cart Web Push Notifications. 

Cart abandonment is a common occurrence on any e-commerce website. After person visits, a website browses the items available and adds it to the shopping cart. If he leaves the website/page without completing the purchase, and thus abandons the cart. According to a study by Baymard Institute the average cart abandonment rate is 69.57%. Which means three out of four user leaves the cart abandoned.  Thus having a campaign that can convert these likely buyers is a must for E-commerce sites. If you are looking to increase revenue using the cart abandonment campaign, then it's the right time to implement push notifications. You can use website notifications to create a cart abandonment campaign.

Abandonment rate's calculation is as follows:-

Abandonment rate = Number of abandoned shopping cart / Number of completed transactions

According to a report from salecycle.com here's industry wise breakdown of people who abandoned their cart.

Sales Cycle Report

There can be several reasons for a customer to abandon their shopping cart.  "What made a customer visit your website?". If you get an accurate answer for this then you are likely to understand the root cause for cart Abandonment Rate.  Here is a report from Baymard that shows the top reasons for cart abandonment

Baymard Report On Cart Abandonment

Why Is Abandon Cart Notifications A Must-Have for E-commerce Sites?

The average percentage of people leaving items in their cart is 75.6% in all the industries. To recover abandoned cart retailers make use of E-mails and SMS to send a reminder.

  • Our recent research says that push notifications can have 3x to 10x higher returns over E-mails. With push messages, you get a chance to send messaged to a user in real-time.
  • The average time for recipients to view an email message is as long as 6.4 hours.  Push notification comes in real-time so it acts as the better reminder and pops-up so the user definitely views it.

Thus, Push notifications are, therefore, a better option for abandoned cart recovery.

How Important Is Email Marketing And Why To Use Push Notifications Over It?

SalesCycle gave the conversion rate with respect to the time of cart abandonment through emails. This shows sending the email within the first hour is most important.  The real-time nature of push notifications and higher viewability make it a better channel for such a message.

33% of opened emails go on to purchase, so by increasing the open rates by using a channel like Web Push retailer can benefit a lot more.

Conversion from send since time of abandonment

But push notifications has better CTR than email. We made a funnel for both email and push notifications used for bulk sending and results show the difference.

Push Notification Vs Email

It may sound hard to retarget the customers to complete the purchase using web push notifications and reduce cart abandonment.  PushEngage offers an easy to implement Cart Abandonment Web Push Notification For E-Commerce.  You can use our autoresponders and define a basic cart abandonment using custom segments.

This notification can be personalized and can include the specific abandoned product name, price, specific URL of the product and cart, specific Product image in the notification. To do completely personalized abandoned cart notifications you can use our newly released Abandon Cart Trigger Notifications.

You can also watch this video which explains step by step instructions of creating Abandon Cart Push Notifications:

To start the cart abandonment recovery campaign with web push notifications create an account or ask for a demo with PushEngage

We published a case study of BollywoodKart benefiting from Abandoned Cart Web Push Notifications, and below is a summary of their results

Bollywoodkart Case Study abandoned cart results

Here is what Vikas Mittal, Head Operations, of Bollywoodkart, said about Abandoned Cart Push Notification:

“Experience using an abandoned cart is very good. In fact, it’s a must for any e-commerce website nowadays.”

Another e-commerce site Superjeweler is also using the Cart Abandonment campaign to recover lost. The below graphs shows the impact of the cart abandonment push notification campaign on sale. Check out the case study for more details.

Cart Abandonment Notification Impact

We have done another case study on the impact of cart abandonment. Mydeal got a 20% increase in cart abandonment campaign using push notifications.

Push Notification Metrics For Mydeal.au.com
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