Push notifications are increasingly gaining attention for a number of reasons. Well-defined push notification can help a business grow faster. And when it comes to connecting with your users you are likely to make assumptions on what notifications would work best for your site. Experimenting with your notification would help you decide what kind of notification your subscribers/audiences enjoy the most. Run A/B Testing in Push Notification using PushEngage platform. Check out the recent update on AB Testing of notification.

PushEngage will now help you to do A/B Testing in Push Notifications. Our analytics would help you deploy push using which you can test and analyze multiple version of different notifications in real time. A/B testing allows you to do experiments in Push Notifications by changing the notification title, message, image. You can experiment by using Large image notification or a normal notification, or with multiple  CTA/multi-action notification. You can then track CTR to decide which variant works best so that you can continue with the same. With AB testing, you can find out which notification works and this may lead to reducing the push notification unsubscribe rate as well.

What is A/B testing and How you can use it?

A/B Testing in push notification is the comparison of one or more versions of push notification to see which one performs better. These notifications are sent to two groups randomly. For example, if you have 200 subscribers a group of 100 users will receive Notification A and another group of 100 users will receive Notification B. You can think about what kind of message your audience will respond to. You can frame questions, be playful or keep a simple test as your notification title and message. These groups of subscribers will be selected randomly and based on the performance of the notification that is on comparing the CTR you can send a similar notification for the same type of campaigns.

AB Testing in Push Notification

This is how the notification will look like when doing AB Test of the web push notifications – AB Test Push Notification Based on Large Image

This is the best way to analyze what kind of notifications works best for your site

A/B Testing With PushEngage – 

  1. Login to your PushEngage Dashboard and navigate to Notifications > New AB Notification.
  2. Then add the notification title, message, URL, and image for Notification A. once this is done you can select another type of notification title, message, URL, and image for notification B. You can try adding a different image or another notification image can be Large Image Notification or with multiple CTA and different texts.
  3. Once this is done Click on Submit and notification will be sent to your Subscribers.
  4. After some time you can navigate to Notifications> Sent Notification and check which notification out of two has the higher view and click count.

The notification with higher CTR performs better and then for further campaigns you can choose the same time of notification. Keep iterating and updating your tests to make your messages as engaging as they can possibly be.

Best Practices For AB Testing –

  • Segment your users based on their demographics, buying pattern or site actions. Then you can send A/B test notification. It would help you achieve better results.
  • Do not overuse A/B Testing by using it before each and every campaign.
  • Plan to run a test with a large number of variants, ensure you are targeting a large audience. It would give you better results.

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