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Blog posting is one of the best ways to share ideas and help others in their journey. PushEngage has been consistently sharing ideas with their readers. Our constant effort in improving the product has also been recognized as G2 crowd multiple times.

If you share the similar sentiments of helping others, you are welcome to share your articles at PushEngage blog. Be a part of guest blogging at PushEngage.

Reason for submitting Guest Blog Post at PushEngage

  • Relevant Readers: Our blog attracts people from different sections under Marketing and Product. You get relevant readers for your articles.
  • Promoted Post: Every article is promoted on our social media platform.
  • Referral Links: Each particle can have referral links to your website as well as other relevant websites.

First Step to Submission

Before you start writing an article, the first thing is to get approval.

  • Share topic: Identify the right topic for your article. The topic is should be relevant to the article. Remember this blog is for business people.
  • Share sub-topic: Work on the sub-topics for the article. This is to get an early picture of the article before you start writing.

Send us the above details to content@pushengage.com. Keep the e-mail subject line as – “Your Name – Guest Post Request”. Once our Editor reviews your submission, we will update you through email.

*kindly follow the guidelines to have a better chance of approval.

Guidelines to follow

Once the topic has been accepted, the next thing is to share the article. Follow the below-mentioned guidelines before submitting your article.

  • Quality: Yes, we know that quality is a subjective matter. However, we expect that the article should be well focused and researched. It should have a minimum of 1000+ words. A conclusion at the end of the article is expected.
  • New Content: We do not re-publish an article. If the article has already been published elsewhere, then we will not accept it. We accept an original piece of article with fresh content.
  • Images: Images are a good way to convey meaning. However, do not put images for the sake of it. It should be relevant and of good quality. In case the images need editing, our graphics team will make the necessary editing.
  • External Credit: If your article mentions work about the third party, please give due credit in the article. Similarly, if you are using any images or data, give credit to the rightful owner of the same. Any data you used but not credited will get deleted from the article.
  • Plagiarism: We do not allow plagiarism. If found, your account will be banned and you won’t be allowed to submit a post in the future.
  • Ownership: Once the article has been submitted and published at our blog, we have the license to use, edit or modify the content.
  • Links: All the links will be no-follow.
  • Article Link: Each article should have a link to any of the PushEngage articles or the PushEngage domain. The article can have content regarding PushEngage which is then linked or any relevant anchor keyword which is linked to any of the PushEngage article or main website.
  • Author Bio: Submit an author bio with an image. Share social media profiles as well – Linkedin, Twitter. The bio should be 100 to 200 characters.

How to Submit?

Once your topic has been approved, you can start writing the article. Follow the below steps while submitting your article:

  • Doc file: The article should be in Word Doc file format.
  • Images: Attach all the relevant images. Apart from images added to the above doc file, send the images as an attachment as well.
  • Final approval: Once our editor has reviewed your article and all seems fine, your article will be added to our Monthly Blog Schedule. You will be notified about the date when your article will be published. In case our editor has feedback about the article, we will share the feedback with you for the changes to be made.


When will I get a reply?

We usually respond to your submission request within 3 business days.

What types of topics are accepted?

We accept topics under Digital Marketing. In terms of industry, we are open to all industry verticals like e-commerce, travel, blogs, media house, finance, and more.

Which are irrelevant topics?

We do not accept any article which focusses on money-making tips, adult content, affiliate marketing, SEO, social media tips. Any kind of promotional or spammy content will not be entertained.

How long will it take to publish the article?

We follow our publishing calendar. Once your article is accepted, it will be added to the queue. We will inform you in advance when your article is going to be published.

Will the external link on the article will be do-follow?

We do not allow any do-follow link to any of the external links.

Can we get the article deleted after publishing?

Any article once published will not be deleted. However, the author is welcome to suggest any minor changes in the article. PushEngage reserves the right to edit and adapt your submitted blog post and update the post in the future if needed.