We made a funnel for Push Notifications for Browsers, based on data through our Platform,  which shows why Push can have a 3 to 10x higher returns over Email.  

Retargeting is the other Channel for Re-engagement. Web Push Notification Beats Retargeting in ROI too

push notification is better than email

Cost Per Click-Through Browser Push Notifications (Through PushEngage) are much lower to your retargeting cost.

One of the most common issues faced by the e-commerce website is Cart Abandonment. Both e-mail and push notification have cart abandonment campaigns. We did a study to compare the performance. Based on the study, we found that push notification offers 5X higher reach than e-mail for cart abandonment campaigns.

Comparision of Reach of Cart Abandonment campaign Email Vs Push Notification

We have work on case studies to show how effective browser push notification is. Many of the online websites got up-to 20% subscription rate. You can check the push notification benchmark stats to have more clarity on this.

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  1. Thanpa Software Reply

    Those are some Interesting statistics. We recently published an article about push notifications versus email campaigns. It's true that we can't ignore the fact that push notifications are here to stay and is a key way successfully engage with our clients and increase ROI in the long run.

    You can have a read on our article here!

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