Benchmark Report


Benchmarking provides you the insight about how you are performing vs. the industry average, and helps you improve in your areas of weakness. With this intent, we aggregated data for several months of notifications (currently we do between 3 to 5 Billion push notifications each month), across geographies and industries to put together a benchmark report for you.

The report also highlights the different push notification features which are being used by online websites and their impact.

Benchmark data is based on PushEngage's customer. For deeper analysis, three geographic regions were identified – USA, Europe & Asia. The three industries we studied were a) E-commerce b) Media/News/Publishing and (c) Travel.

*None of the customer data or campaign is disclosed in the Benchmark report

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Key Takeaway

  • Subscription Opt-In – Use single-step opt-in for push subscription. Single-step opt-in can offer up to 20% subscription rate
  • Trigger Campaigns – Trigger campaigns like Cart Abandonment, Drip offers the highest CTR as compared to other campaigns.
  • Segmentation – Notifications send to segment offers higher CTR as compared to notifications sent to all.
  • Timing – Subscribers of each industry are active at different time. Depending upon your industry type, you can optimize the send time of your notification.

Region Europe

Business E-Commerce

Push Notification Benchmark Report For Europe E-Commerce Website
Get Full Push Notification Benchmark Report
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