Web Push Notification has found a place in almost every online industry. You will find a lot of web push notification service provider as well. Web Push Notification offers a lot of benefits. Some of the most important benefits are:

Now that you have decided to implement Web Push Notification, the next important thing is to choose the right push notification service provider. Every push notification service provider will offer certain features. However, depending on your need you should choose the right Web Push Notification Service Provider which fits your requirement. We have created this checklist to ensure you choose the right vendor for your web push notification. Compare all the features and choose the best push notification service for your online business. With new GDPR guidelines, check if your Push Subscribers offers push features to be compliant with GDPR regulations.

Right Installation Method Without Vendor Lock-in & Good Customer Support

Web Push Notification is SaaS product for the marketers. Some of the common queries from a new user are:

  • Where to place the installation code?
  • I don't have access to the root folder. What to do?
  • Push Notification subscription pop-up is not coming
  • My Push Notifications are not being sent. What could be the issue?
  • How to test if the integration is done right or not?

Customer Support Features to look for in Web Push Notification Service Provider

You will surely have a lot of initial queries when you start using Web Push Notifications. All the above queries are very simple and take a couple of minutes to solve. However, to do so, you need a strong customer support. Without proper support, your Web Push Notification journey can turn into a nightmare. So what should you do:

  • Take trial of any plan before finalizing
  • Interact with customer support. Don't be shy about asking even the basic questions.
  • See if your issues are getting solved
  • Do ask technical details as well. Your customer support has to have technical knowledge of Push Notification, else you will receive only sales talk

Only when you are fully satisfied and confident, you should proceed with Web Push Notification Service Provider.

Next, you should look at the features available at Push Notification service provider. We have listed the basic features, which are a must have to get full advantage of Push Notification.

Support For All Browsers & Both HTTP & HTTPS Websites

Check what browsers are supported by your Web Push Vendor.  This impacts the reach to whom you can subscribe as a web push subscriber.

Websites can be HTTP or HTTPS. Web Push Notification is supported only on HTTP sites. However, there is a workaround which can allow HTTP websites to use Push Notifications. What should you do:

  • Check with the service provider and ask him if you don't have HTTPS site
  • If they don't support and ask you to move to HTTPS, move to another service provider

PushEngage supports both the browser type and offers an easy way to install Push Notifications.

Trigger Web Push Notification

Trigger Push Notification are those which are triggered by user action. These notifications are sent automatically based on a certain event. Some of the important triggers you should check for:

  • Cart Abandonment Notification: Most of the e-commerce website knows about cart abandonment. According to research, the average cart abandonment rate is 67.45%. To convert users who had already added a product to your cart is easy. You should start sending cart abandonment notifications to convert them.
    cart abandonment feature in push notification service provider
  • Browser Abandonment Notification: Many times users just browse through your product page. It is possible to target those users as well using browser abandonment notification.
  • Custom Trigger Notification: Push Notifications are very effective for every online website. Many times you need a custom trigger like:
    • The user fills a form but didn't register, you can send different notifications
    • When a user downloads a file
    • A user viewed one of your videos

You need to create custom triggers to target those customers. These custom trigger notifications are very effective to create different push notification campaigns.

Before registering with Push Notifications service vendor, you should always check what are the different types of trigger push notification are available.

Push Subscriber Segmentation

For any marketing activities, targeting is the soul. If your targeting is wrong, a well-crafted message will fail to yield the result. In Web Push Notification marketing, you can target customers. Web Push Notification allows you to segment your subscribers based on:

  • Geo Location
  • Device
  • Browser
  • Landing page where user subscribed to your push notification

segmentation feature in Push Notification vendor

Above are just the basic way of segmenting your push subscribers. You should check whether the basic level of segmentation is available or not.

In the advanced level, push notification service provider should allow to segment user based on action. You should dynamically add users to different segment based on their action on your website. You should also be able to exclude a segment when sending web push notification.

Schedule Push Notification

Another important feature which is must-have for every push notification service provider is Scheduling. Similar to any marketing campaigns, you can schedule your push notification to be delivered at a later time. Why is Scheduling of Push Notification important:

  • You never miss interacting with customers even when you are on a holiday
  • Never miss on sending Notifications during Sale Event
  • Right timing can result in increased CTR for push notifications. Schedule notifications to be sent on right time

push notification schedule feature in push notification service vendor

Always check if the schedule is available with Web Push Notification Service provider. It's a very useful feature when it comes to engaging with users.

Drip Campaign

Another important feature which has a great impact on the performance of web push notification is Drip. Drip Notification is a series of automated notification sent to a user based on certain actions. You can use drip for:

  • Welcome Notification: Create a series of notification to be sent when the user subscribes to your push notification
  • Nurture Leads: Educate users with a series of notification focusing on product features.
  • Target Notification: You can combine Drip with segmentation to send specific notification series to users based on their location. For e.g., real estate can send different drip campaigns for people subscribing from different locations.

Drip Campaign In Push Notification Vendor

Drip Campaigns are the easiest way to bring back users once they subscribe to your push notification. You can even send Welcome Offers to your users when they subscribe.

Push Notification Analytics

Measurement is an important part of every marketing campaign. The important metric to check for:

  • Opt-In Analytics: There are multiple designs for Push Notification Opt-In to choose from. You need to understand which opt-in type is good for your website. With Opt-In analytics, you can easily analyze the performance of Push Opt-In.
  • Subscriber Analytics: Your website is accessible from across the globe. You need to see from which Geo you are getting subscribers. This will help you to fine-tune your offerings based on user's location. Especially for location-based services, these feature is a must-have for a Web Push Notification service provider.
  • Notification Analytics: You need to see the performance of the notification sent. Analyze the performance based on how many notifications were opened, CTR and other parameters. This will also help you to understand the best timing to send the push notification and also what type of notifications are preferred by your user

Advance Push Notification Analytics

Before signing up with Web Push Notification service provider, you should check what analytics data will be provided. Analytics is very important to the success of your push notification campaign.

Country Adaptation

As discussed above, the Web Push Notification service provider should allow you to segment users based on Geo. Now you can send Push Notifications in the local language of your user. This will not only create a personal touch but also can lead to increased engagement rate.

Multi-Language Push Notification Service
You can then send the same notification in different language based on the user's location. You can even combine user speaking the same language.

Push Subscriber Portability

You have put a lot of effort into getting push notification subscriber for your website. What happens if your service provider increases the price or you need more features which are not available with your current service providers. Whatever is the reason, if you want to switch web push notification service provider, you should be able to port your old subscriber to your new service provider. Things to check before registering for the service provider:

  • Will they allow to port old users from a different provider to their platform
  • If in future you want to switch service provider, can you port user from their platform to different platform

Push Subscriber Portability Features to look for in Web Push Notification Service Provider

Ideally, you should implement web push notification without vendor lock-in or you should be told that beforehand.

Multiple Plans For Push Notification

Each service has some price to be paid for. You should check all the different plans available for a Push Notification service provider. You should check if custom plans are available. Many times you may need only a few features but those are available at higher plans which you can't afford. Check if the push notification vendor has flexible pricing.

Multiple Plans For Push Notification Features to look for in Web Push Notification Service Vendor

Next important aspect is to check price vs value. You should get value for the money you are paying for. The best practice would be to go for a trial plan of the top plan. This will help you to understand and explore all the features and then you can decide on which plan to take which will fit in your business requirement. Another thing you can check before signing up with Push Notifications are:

PushEngage Web Push Notification Service Provider

Check for this 10 important features in your new push notification vendor. Chooses your vendor wisely to get the best of Push Notification without trouble. Web Push Notification is a great tool to engage with users. If you are not using it, then you should give it a try.