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Learn how the Test Preparation website is leveraging PushEngage to drive relevant content to its subscribers which is leading to an increase in downloads and sign-ups.

PushEngage powers a large coupon site to win higher repeat visits and provides higher RoI as a marketing channel.

Frustrated with dwindling campaign response rate – Learn how a price comparison website was able to use PushEngage to get 4X responses and drive home 30% more business.

The client is a popular price comparison website. They provide a comprehensive and accurate list of products across various categories. It acts as a rich and fastest way for consumers to compare, review and make the best buying choice for the product. The online experience is made effective by elegant and easy navigation to complete transactions.

The biggest challenge has been to engage with the visitors after they have left the website and get them back for repeat transactions. They have been long-time users of popular e-mail marketing products to stay connected with new product categories, product launches and discounts available on the website. The dollars spent on the campaign were obviously not providing the desirable RoI and engagement which set the client to look at alternative channels for customer connect.

With the PushNotification availability on the browsers and the advantage, it offers such as being non-intrusive, ability to schedule, target to the right segment it was proving to be a great additional channel for reach.

The client decided to use PushEngage for its 3 step implementation, ease of use, intuitive analytics, multi-language support, and scalability.

Today they reach 1100+ subscribers with 2700 + notifications and are already seeing Push Notifications providing the RoI. Our recommendations powered by the analytics help them to alter the push to consistently drive higher conversions.

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Are you building an E-commerce Company and winning the loyalty early in the game with continuous re-engagement is your Goal? – Learn how a fast-growing health care product eCommerce organization has used PushEngage to win 27% more loyalty and 2x Conversions possible from conventional methods.

Facts for You

The client offers natural supplements and health care products for wellbeing. They are growth is primarily due to the repeat customers and personalized guidance they are able to offer. The ever-growing business had developed a fan base of more than 200000 through Social media and other channels. The greatest challenge was to connect with them beyond their website visits and get them to perform more transactions.

E-mail, newsletters, and other communication channels were not yielding the necessary results because of the relevance, timing, and actions on them. As they started looking for alternative channels, push notifications were gaining round and especially their interest was revolving more around the browser-based.

The client signed up with PushEngage providing the subscribers to opt-in notifications ranging from information about the new products, health tips, and other services.

With PushEngage they are witnessing more than 35% open rate on their communications and because of the relevance of promotions the interest to order ratio has accelerated by 13%.

PushEngage is a great fit for E-commerce organizations that are seeking to equip more power to reach, connect and entice their target segment beyond the website.

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