For Ecommerce sites, Abandoned Cart Push Notification is one of the most popular campaigns using Browser Push Notifications. It has shown to have the best ROI among all. Cart Abandonment Push Notifications is one of the top trigger campaign used by E-Commerce websites. We know how Web Push Notification works – Notifications are delivered in real time. This is one of the most important feature which resulted in higher CTR for Push Notification Campaigns.

According to a study by Baymard Institute the average cart abandonment rate is 67.45%, which shows the need to address it. SalesCycle shows sending the email within the first hour can increase conversion rate by 7%, and since Web Push Notifications get the immediate attention we believe this can increase the conversion rate even further.

This ecommerce campaign setup is complicated with several tools, but not with PushEngage.  We have an easy way for you to implement this campaign on your website, and below we will outline the step by step instructions on how to do that.

Abandon Cart Push Notification For E-Commerce

Using PushEngage you can implement Abandoned Cart Notification in 2 different ways. Below are the specific guides for the implementation of an abandoned cart on your site.

Method 1: Cart Abandonment Using PushEngage Auto Responders and Segments

[Time for Integration = 10 mins]

  • To use the Autoresponder for Cart Abandonment, you need to create a Segment “InCart”.  If you havent read much about segments you can read our guide on how to create segments here.
    InCart Segment For Abandon Cart Push Notifications
  • Then when user adds an item in segment, use the below code to add that user in “InCart” segment
    add-to-cart-abandon-cart-push-notificationLegacy Version

         <script>   _pe.addSubscriberToSegment(‘InCart’); </script> 

          Async Version


Note – If you have used Async Code while installation then use the code mentioned in Async Version otherwise Legacy Version

When the user completes the purchase, add the below code in Thank you page
         Legacy Version

         <script>   _pe.removeSubscriberToSegment(‘InCart’); </script>

          Async Version


Note – If you have used Async Code while installation then use the code mentioned in Async Version otherwise Legacy Version

In this way, the segment InCart will always maintain the list of customers who had just added a product to cart, but did not check out.

  • Now you can go to Autoresponders/Drip Campaigns in PushEngage and configure them to send 1 or a series of notifications to that user. Since the users in the segment “InCart” are maintained dynamically you may continue to send them some form of drip notification over time, till they are converted into subscribers. For more details on how to setup Autoresponders read here.

See the below screenshot, an example configuration of an Autoresponder for the same

Setup Abandoned Cart Web Push Notification in PushEngage

Method 2: Going Live with Advanced Abandoned Cart Using PushEngage Triggers

[ Time for Integration = 30 mins]

  • Log on to your PushEngage Dashboard.
  • Go To Automation -> Cart Abandonment -> Create. Give a name to the campaign like “Cart Abandonment”.
  • The condition to trigger Abandoned Cart Notifications are pre-selected. The Abandoned Cart Campaign will send Web Push Notification to subscribers who have added products to cart but didn’t complete the purchase.
  • Trigger Limit: Trigger Limit is the number of times you want to send notifications to users. If you want to send 3 notification per subscriber in a day, then set it to 3.
    Cart Abandonment Campaign For E-Commerce
  • Cart Abandonment Notification Creation: You can create series of push notification to target Cart Abandonment users. Set a delay after each notification to send at different times. For e.g create three abandoned cart notification with a delay of 30 min, 1 hour and 4 hour.Abandoned Cart Push Notification Campaign For E-Commerce
  • This campaign will send 3 notification to users. Click on “Submit” to save the Abandon Cart Push Notification. The number of push notification sent is limited by the Trigger you set above in Cart Abandonment Settings.
  • Integrating The Code: You have to integrate the code in your website before you execute Cart Abandonment Push Notifications. Click On Your Code and it will display the code to be added to your website.abandon cart notification code integration
    There are two parts to the code:
    Add To Cart:  Below is a sample Code to be called when user adds to cart
    var Triggers={
    “campaign_name”: “Cart Abandonment”,
    “event_name”: “add-to-cart”,
    “title”: {“productname”:”mobile”},”message”: {“price”:”$500″ },
    “notification_url”: {“notificationurl”:”mobile-page”},
    “notification_image”: {“imageurl”: “mobile.png”},
    “big_image”: {“bigimageurl”:”mobile.png”}
    Checkout: Below is the sample code to be called when user completes the purchase. Add this code to the Thank You page which comes after user makes the purchase.
    var Triggers={
    “campaign_name”: “Cart Abandonment”,
    “event_name”: “checkout”
    Send the code to the developer to integrate the code in your website.
  • Launching the Abandoned Cart Notification: Once the code is integrated, go to Automation -> Cart Abandonment Analytics. Select the Campaign and Start.launch cart abandonment notification for e-commerce
    Once the campaign is started, you will see the stats of your Cart Abandonment Trigger.
    cart abandonment notification trigger data for e-commerce
    You Cart Abandonment Push Notification Campaign is live now. When your user abandons their cart, they will start receiving abandoned cart notification.

That is it and you would be live with the Abandoned Cart! Below is an example of actual notification

Abandon cart web push notifications for e-commerce site


Later you can login into your dashboard and see the aggregate Analytics on Abandoned Cart shown in Dashboard.

You can also check this video on How To Setup Cart Abandonement Web Push Notifications In PushEngage:

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