PushEngage offers integration with Zapier.  If you would like to get early access and an invitation for the using Zapier with PushEngage, please send us an email to care@pushengage.com and we will share the invitation URL.

Zapier is a great tool to build custom integrations, and automation suitable for your needs.  Here is a quick summary of Zapier.

You would need to create an account in Zapier, and then use the link we provide to Accept Invite and create a Zap.

To enable your PushEngage account you would need an API key, which you can get by creating a PushEngage account and getting the key from Dashboard under Settings.

If you need help while creating a Zap, do feel free to reach out to us on care@pushengage.com. PushEngage also supports push notifications on OpenCart website. Magento is one of the big platform to create a website. You can use install push notifications on Magento website using PushEngage.


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