With PushEngage you can now personalize your drip campaigns by passing the Country and the City name. When a user subscribes to push notification we capture the geolocation of the subscriber at the time of subscription. Now, you can use such details and send a personalized web push to your subscriber as per their Geo Location.

Who Can Use It?

This feature is available only from Large Business Plan onwards and for the custom plan who are using automation tools and drip.

If you are a Free/Pro/Business Plan user and you wish to use Drip Notifications you can contact the sales team at care@pushengage.com. You can also take trial and use free push notification service.

How To Set Default Geo Location?

PushEngage captures the geolocation of the subscriber at the time of subscription. But if the subscriber is using a proxy network while subscribing or geolocation is disable from your dashboard the region name is marked as Unknown. In this case, if you pass the attributes {{PE_City}} or {{PE_Country}} the value these attributes will pick will be undefined. Hence, the first step is passing a Default Country and City name for such users. Here's how you can do it –

Navigate to Settings > General Settings > Default Custom Parameters.

Enter the City and Country name and save the settings.

Default city and country name

In this way, the subscribers whose region is marked as unknown will get the Country and City name mentioned in Default Custom Parameter Settings.

How To Create a Personalized Drip Campaign?

Step 1 – Navigate to Automation > Drip > Create Autoresponder

Create a drip Campaign for your website.

Automation and drip

Step 2 – Enter a Drip Autoresponder Series Name and enable UTM parameters if you want. Then you can decide if you wish to send this drip to all the users of to a particular segment.

Create Drip

Step 3 – Create a drip campaign like this requires no extra lines of code. You will check a template of the drip having variables in the notification title and message field. You can edit it as per your campaign design. While entering the notification title and message you can pass the variable {{PE_CITY}} or {{PE_COUNTRY}} where ever needed.

drip template

Step 4 – Create a Drip Campaign for your subscribers and pass the variables int the notification title and message field.drip series

Step 5. You can set up a series of notification in the same way and add the notification image, expiry time and the condition when you wish to send your first drip. Once done click on Save and Launch the Campaign.

Save and launch

Step 6 – The drip campaign will work the same way as before only difference is, it will show the name of the country and city as per the subscriber's location. to check the analytics you can navigate to Automation > Drip > Analytics.

notification example

This personalization feature can be used now only in Drip automation. If you are already using drip campaigns, then this feature will make your drip campaigns more effective. We are working on extending support for same other campaigns as well that are cart and browser abandonment, and regular notification sending.

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