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Ofertia PushEngage Case Study

About Ofertia

Ofertia is one of the leading online platforms that help customers shop without missing any offers. It bridges the gap between offline and online. Ofertia collects brochures and catalogs from offline and publishes them online both on the desktop as well as on mobile. This ensures the customer doesn't lose out on any offer while shopping.

Many times the deals and offers are live for a certain duration. It became imperative for Ofertia to update the user on a real-time basis. To solve this they started using Web Push Notifications service from PushEngage. Web Push Notifications are delivered in real-time to user's browser both on desktop and mobile. It enabled Ofertia to send a current update about the best deals on real-time to the customer.

Some of the key metrics achieved by Ofertia using PushEngage Web Push Notifications:

Increased Customer Base:

Once web push notification was live, Ofertia started seeing increased subscriber base within months. Ofertia Push Notification Subscription-RateThe subscription rate for PushEngage web push notification is 12 times higher as compared to that of e-mail.

Higher Open Rate:

With Web Push Notifications, Ofertia was able to engage with customers in real time. Ofertia started sending customized push notifications with images, emojis and scheduled at the right time to ensure customer received those notifications when the deal is live.Ofertia Push Notification Open-Rate This lead to the higher open rate for notifications and increased engagement with the customer. The open rate of PushEngage push notifications for Ofertia is 2 times higher than that of e-mail.

Better Customer Retention:

Customer retention is one of the crucial aspects of any online business. It leads to higher profitability at less expense. With Push Notifications, customers of Ofertia are receiving updates on latest deals right on their browser. Ofertia Push Notification Increase-RetentionSince customers are getting benefits from notifications, the customer retention for PushEngage web push is 10 times better than e-mails even after 6 weeks.

Improved CTR:

Ofertia started sending push notifications to targeted customers. PushEngage offers a number of features to target the right customers. For Push Notifications, you don't need a mobile app. Ofertia Push Notification CTR-In-MobileIts delivered with success on a mobile browser with the need of APP. Ofertia achieved 2.7 times higher CTR for push notifications on mobile as compared to desktop.

Recurring Traffic:

One of the ways to measure customer satisfaction is recurring traffic. Customers come back to your website if they find value in it.Ofertia Push Notification Increase-In-Recurring User Ofertia is able to give value to the customer by sending timely notifications. Ofertia's customer saw the value in the notifications. In the last 6 months, Ofertia saw a 39% increase in traffic of recurring user.

Here is what Montse Yélamos, CRM manager, of Ofertia, has to say about PushEngage:

With a very simple and fast integration we've been able to re-engage the users and increase amazingly traffic and conversions of our site

Ofertia Push Notification Status

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