What is it?

You can show opt-in on selected pages of your website by adding the appropriate URL on your PushEngage Dashboard. It allows you to send a targeted notification to segments to optimize your push notification campaign.

How it works?

To install PushEngage web push notification you need to add the JS code to the HTML of your website. We have 2 codes present in the dashboard that is Async and the Legacy version and we suggest using either of them.

Pushengage Installation Code

Once you add the code mentioned above to the HTML of your website your installation will be complete and you will get the optin for the subscription. The optin for subscription will show up on every page of your website. To avoid this repetition we earlier recommended to add the code to the selected pages where you wish to show the optin. But with our recent update, you need not add code to selected pages. You can pass the URL of the page where you wish to show the optin to your PushEngage Dashboard and the optin will appear only on those selected pages.

To do so navigate to Settings > Subscription Dialog Box > Optin Management 

optin management

For example, You are an e-commerce website and you want to show the opt-in on the Home page, Add To Cart page but not on the Thank You page you can use the Opt-in Management Feature. In the Include URL Pattern add the URL of your Home Page and the Add To Cart Page whereas in Exclude URL Patterns add the URL of the Thank You Page.

include url

exclude page

The opt-in will now appear only on the Home page and the Add To Cart page.

In the same way, you can pass the URL of the pages where you want to show the opt-in and save it.

Who gets it?

This is for all the Pushengage Users and is available in Free Plan as well.

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