Do you want to enable web push notifications on the Magento website? In this article, we will show you the steps to install push notifications on websites based on the Magento platform.

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Magento offers a great platform to create websites. It offers an extension to add features to your website. Many e-commerce sites are using website push notifications. You can also integrate Push Notification on your site based on the Magento platform. With PushEngage you can easily integrate web push notifications on Magento websites. PushEngage supports both HTTP and HTTPS Magento websites. You can also use the PushEngage Magento extension to install push notification on your site.

If you would like to Install PushEngage on a Magento site, please go ahead and follow the steps below.

For HTTP websites

  1.  Log on the administrator panel of your Magento Dashboard.
  2. From the side menu. Select STORES>Configuration
Push Notification on Magento

3. In the next step: Select ‘Design’ from the left side bar.

Integrate PushEngage In Magento
code for push notification installation

4. Add the custom script provided by PushEngage in  HTML Head > Miscellaneous Scripts section. You will find this script in your PushEngage dashboard. Go to the Settings > Site Settings > Installation Settings. Copy the code.

Web Push Notifications In Magento
  1. Save configuration to complete the integration process of Push Notification on Magento websites.
  2. After that click on Cache Management.
  3. Then click Flush Magento Cache.
Steps To Integrate Push Notifications In Magento

You have now successfully integrated PushEngage Push Notification on your Magento website.  If you have an HTTPS site, then read ahead and follow the final steps below.

For Older Versions of Magento follow the steps below

  1. Log on the administrator panel of your Magento Dashboard
  2.  From the top menu.Select System>Configuration
  3. In the next step: Select ‘Design’ from the left sidebar.
  4. Add the custom script provided by PushEngage in Miscellaneous HTML section
    <script src=""></script> <script>_pe.subscribe();</script>
  5. Save configuration to complete the integration process

For HTTPS Site

After the above steps, download the service-worker.js file from PushEngage dashboard under Settings > Site Settings > Installation Settings,

A) Save the files in the website root folder, and ensure it is accessible at

B) That's it you should be live with Web Push Notification on the Magento website.

We provide integration for other platforms as well. Integrating PushEngage Web Push Notification on WordPress or integrating on Shopify or integrating it on the Blogger website is very easy. You can also check out the Push Notification Installation guide for details.

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    • In that case, you can configure where the pop-up for subscription appears in Settings > Subscription Dialogbox settings.

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