You have started your e-commerce website on Volusion and now you are looking for ways to increase engagement on your website. You came to know about Web Push Notifications.  It allows you to send browser push notifications to re-engage your customers. Now on Volusion platform, you can send website push notification using PushEngage. Below is the step by step guide on how to integrate PushEngage with Volusion website –

Installation Steps for HTTP and HTTPS Volusion Websites –

  1. Log in to your Volusion account and navigate to Dashboard.volusion dashboard to integrate Push Notifications
  2. Go to Design > File Editoredit file to install PushEngage code
  3.  Then from your PushEngage Dashboard copy the code mentioned in installation settings and add in the head section of the theme selected and save the changes.aynsc-versionlegacy-version There are two codes mentioned in the dashboard but we suggest using the Async version.add the code in Volusion theme
  4. That's all, if you are an HTTP website. You will get an optin for subscription.
  5. If you are an HTTPS Website then navigate to Settings > Subscription Dialog Box > Select site type as HTTPS and click on Edit.Settings data-srcset= Subscription dialog box" width="1362" height="662">
  6. Then navigate to Desktop > Options and enable Quick Install, do the same for mobile as well and save the changes.quick install for mobileQuick install for desktop

That's all and your installation is complete. You will receive an optin for subscription when you visit your website.

web push notification preview

You can also customize your subscription dialog box depending on your website. You can change the color, placement and the text. And if you want to enable Push Single Optin on your website like the one mentioned below then you can get in touch with us at We will then help you in setting it up.

Push Single StepOptin

If you are using WooCommerce or Shopify for e-commerce business, you can use PushEngage for Web Push Notifications. PushEngage supports all the major e-commerce platforms. You can use Push Notifications on WordPress site as well using PushEngage plugin.

Web Push Notification Opt-In Rate