Opencart is one of the leading platform used by many online retail websites. If your site is based on Opencart and you want to send Web Push Notifications, then PushEngage can help you. Opencart push notification is now possible with PushEngage. PushEngage allows you to send Push Notifications from your Opencart site. Installing Push Notifications on Opencart is very simple.

If you are looking to integrate PushEngage code with OpenCart based systems, please follow the instructions below

Step 1. Log into your OpenCart admin panel.

Step 2. Navigate to Extensions

Step 3. Choose the extension type Analytics in the selection box

Step 4. Click the blue pencil icon to edit the code

Step 5. Paste the PushEngage installation code into the text box and Select status Enabled.  

code for push notification installation

Step 6. Click on the save icon.

Step 7. Use Control/Command+U hotkeys to check the page source code. The snippet should appear before the closing tag of the page head section

Step 8.   That is it. You have completed the installation.   

Once you have installed, you can check out the various Push Notifications features at PushEngage like Abandon Cart Notification, Schedule Notification, Drip Notification and many more. All these features are designed to ensure better engagement with your user. If you are using WooCommerce for your e-commerce business, you can use the WordPress plugin. Using PushEngage plugin you can send push notification from your WooCommerce site. PushEngage also supports push notifications on Wix website.


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