Is your site based on the Google Blogger platform or a Blogspot website? You must have seen blogger websites sending web push notifications and you also want to set up push notification on your Blogspot blogger site. Are you looking for push notification for blogger website. PushEngage supports push notification on the blogger site. You can easily install Push Notification on the blogger platform. PushEngage supports both HTTP Blogspot site and HTTPS Blogspot site. Once installed you can send push notifications from the blogger site to your subscriber. You can also use the push notification playbook for a blog to create campaigns. In this guide, you will know how to add push notification in blogger site and benefit from it.

Integrate PushEngage Push Notification on the Blogger site

Follow the steps to integrate PushEngage on the Blogger site:

  1. Edit HTML

    Go to Blogger Theme. Scroll down and click on "Edit HTML". Click Edit HTML and it will open the HTML page.

  2. PushEngage Code for Blogger

    Now go to PushEngage Dashboard. Go to Settings and then click on Installation Settings. You will see "Choose Website Type and Add Script". Select your website type – HTTP or HTTPS. The corresponding Javascript will be displayed below. Copy the Javascript code. Below is a sample screenshot of the PushEngage Javascript code.code for push notification installation

  3. Integrate Code in Blogger

    Copy the Async Version and add the code anywhere in the HTML of your website. On the HTML page, search for the header section (). Now Place this in your HTML code in the header section. Save the Theme.

That is it, and you are done if you are an HTTP site!

  • If you have an HTTPS site then you need to do an additional step to install Push Notifications on Blogger Site

Go to Subscription Dialog box Settings under Settings in PushEngage Account. You can choose from 7 different types of the subscription dialog box.

  • Select HTTPS, then select any of the push notification opt-in options, that would allow you to select Quick Install to Yes.
editing push subscription opt-in
  • Select Yes to Quick Install. Mark quick install yes for both Desktop and Mobile as marked in the below image.
quick install in desktop

That is it and you would be live with Push Notifications on the Blogspot site. 

PushEngage uses a unique vapid key for each account to make it portable. This way we avoid push notification vendor lock-in if in-case you want to switch to different vendors.

Below is the video link for the complete Installation of PushEngage Browser Push Notification on the Blogspot Website. The video explains step by step instructions on where to put the PushEngage Javascript code and how to choose the Push Notification Opt-in for your google Blogspot site. Once installed, your subscriber will get notification from your blogger website.

In case your website is based on other platforms, check this link for the web push notification installation guide. It has a complete list of platforms and PushEngage installation instructions.


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  2. hi, this was the simplest installation on blogger site, but I have a question the notification shows only on desktop site and not on mobile safari, did I install it wrong or it does not show on mobile browsers?

    • It does show up on Mobile browsers, but not on Safari on Mobile. Also iOS devices are not supported, due to Apple still not supporting it.

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