Wix is an amazing platform to start your own website. PushEngage supports website based on Wix Platform. If you want to send push notifications from Wix site, then start using PushEngage. Integrating Push Notifications on Wix Site is very simple and takes less than 10 minutes. You can send a custom notification, segment your users, schedule notifications, notification in the local language and many more things with PushEngage on Wix site.

Please follow the below steps to go install Push Notifications on a Wix

Login to your PushEngage account. Go to Settings –> Installation Settings. Choose your website type as "HTTP" or HTTPS".
A) If your website is HTTP, then select site type as HTTP. You will see the PushEngage Javascript code. Copy the code. You have to add this code to your Wix site for integrating PushEngage. Example code is below
You can add the Async Version code anywhere in the HTML of your website. Copy the code and login to your wix site.
Next, you need to put the PushEngage javascript code in your Wix site. Follow the below steps to integrate PushEngage Web Push Notifications in Wix Site:
  1. Log in to your Wix account
  2. Select the Edit Site. 
  3. Click Wix App market Push Notifications on a Wix Site
  4. In the toolbar, select HTML and choose « HTML iFrame/Embed » Installing Push Notifications on a Wix Site
  5. Add it on to site
  6. From the Mode drop-down list, select the HTML code. Copy/paste the JavaScript Redirect code into the box labelled « HTML / embed code» . Click UpdateWeb Notifications on a Wix Site
  7. In the checkbox, inspect the « Show on all pages ». Then Save & Publish

You will see an opt-in like this.

Push Notification Opt-in In Wix site

You can select any Dialog box type from Settings -> Subscription Dialog box Settings.
B) If you are a HTTPS site, then  go to your Settings-> Subscription Dialog box Settings and select
  • HTTPS as site type.
  • Select among any of the dialog boxes except Single Step Location, and Single Step Location + Push.
  • Then Select Quick Install to Yes.
See screenshot below
Push Opt-in type in Wix Website

Note – When on HTTPS site try placing the opt-in at the top-center position while editing the website and doing HTML settings like this

Installing Push Notifications in HTTPS Wix Site

That is it and you should be live with Web Push Notifications on your Wix site. You will see an opt-in like this.

wix push notifications

wix push notifications with pushengage

That is it and you should be live with Web Push Notifications on your Wix site. If you are using Volusion platform, you can use Push Notifications on Volusion as well using PushEngage. PushEngage also supports push notifications on Squarespace website. You can also install push notification on Zapier site using PushEngage.
You can also watch the video on How To Install PushEngage In WiX Site:
In case you have any other sites which are not based on Wix, you can check the Push Notification Installation Guide. You will the installation process for other platforms as well.
Another platform which is very popular for creating websites is Jimdo. Their platform is clean and offers a drag-n-drop feature to create websites. You can now send Push Notification on Jimdo website using PushEngage. Blogger is another platform which is freely available. You can install push notifications on blogger website following simple steps.
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