Now you can automatically segment your subscribers in PushEngage, and then send them targeted notifications. Targeted Push Notifications lead to higher Click Through Rates, and low unsubscribe rates and are a good experience for your website visitor. We wrote earlier about the 4 ways to segment your users in PushEngage,  and just released automatic segmentation based on URL patterns, is an easy to use, and very useful feature.

Here is how it works:  

A visitor who lands on your website's Electronics category page, and subscribe to push notifications, is apparently is interested in Electronics related push notifications.  Now you can define URL patterns and rules to automatically subscribe a user to a segment.

Let’s us take a live example from website, which focusses on GATE ECE study material and uses PushEngage. They have separate sections where students can watch Videos, or download the Multiple-Choice Questions.

Here are the steps to follow –

Go to Segmentation and click on Create Segment.

Name the segment. Define the rule. Here we have used MCQ as segment name for all subscribers whose URL at time of subscription contains multiple-choice questions.

creating segment for drip

Finally, if you want to test, if your rules for URL were defined correctly or not, you can use our feature to Test your existing URL pattern rules. Note this section appears only once you have a URL rule to auto-segment.

URL test for segment

That’s it, now you can sit back and see how your subscribers keep adding to your new segments

Later while sending use the Select Audience and send notifications only to a segment.

We also provide the following additional segment data for all your subscribers

  • Desktop vs. Mobile vs. Tablet – When a user subscribes to the push notifications for your site, we capture the device type he is subscribing from.
  • The Country, State, and City Level Geo Location – At the time of subscription, we also provide the data about the City, State, and Country from where the website user subscribed. This is based on the IP address of the user at the time of subscription.
segment options in web push

So what are you waiting for, give it a whirl and see your click rates increase in your notifications with the added segments?  If you haven't already registered for PushEngage go ahead and do it now.   If you have any feedback or comments, do leave it down or email at


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