Weebly is a great platform for business owners and individuals to build their website. We welcome all Weebly users to the PushEngage platform. With PushEngage you install Web Push Notifications on Weebly site. You can now engage with your user in the Weebly site easily. PushEngage has all the top push notifications features to help you engage with your subscribers. With PushEngage you can now send push notification on your Weebly website.

5 steps to integrate Browser Push Notifications on your Weebly website using PushEngage.

1> Go to PushEngage and register.

2> Login into the PushEngage dashboard and get your PushEngage installation code that needs to be added to your website. Below is the PushEngage javascript code you have to on your Weebly site.


Please note, there are two codes present in the dashboard and you can use either of them. If you wish to use Async Version you can add the code anywhere in the HTML of your website and if you use Legacy version code should be in the Head section. However, we suggest using the Async version of the code.

3> Log in to the Weebly dashboard and select Edit your site.

push notifications on Weebly site

4> Then go to the Settings tab

Send Web Push Notifications from Weebly Site

5> Select the Search Engine Optimization section (SEO). Paste the PushEngage code into either the Header or Footer area. In the below screen, we have pasted the PushEngage javascript code in the footer section.

Push Notifications Installation On Weebly Site

This completes the PushEngage integration on the Weebly website. You can now start collecting subscribers and send push notifications from the Weebly website.

Integrating web push notification is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes on Weebly sites. Go ahead and start using PushEngage to send push notification on Weebly sites. Start your free account with PushEngage and explore. You can get a free trial for all the plans. You can even go for the free push notifications account and see how it can benefit in engaging with your subscribers.

Here is the video on How To Install PushEngage Browser Notifications on Weebly Site:

You can also install PushEngage in Shopify Store. WordPress is another platform where you can use the Push Notification plugin to send push notification. For any other platform, you can check out the installation guide.


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