With the increase in connectivity across the world, travel has now become affordable. To plan travel, we need to find the location, connectivity, accommodation, and other things. This has given rise to different sections within the travel industry – ticket booking, hotel booking, package booking, travel blogs and more.

As the travel industry is blooming, so is the competition. Every company is working hard to acquire and retain customers. With the advance in technology, company's wants to reach to more and more customers and keep them engaged at their platform. They are using various channels like email, social media, apps to engage with customers. However, there is another way to reach out to customer instantly and is more engaging – Web Push Notification. For the year 2019, we have identified some of the creative campaigns using Website Notification. Below is the Push Notification Guide for Travel Website, to create effective campaigns. You can take a trial and send push notification for free during the trial.

With Web Push Notifications, you can create a number of campaigns depending upon your goal –

  • Increase subscription
  • Re-engage users
  • Retain customers
  • Generate revenue

Top Campaign Ideas to generate more revenue and keep your travel enthusiasts engaged:

  • Price Drop Alert

Customers are price sensitive. Send notification, when there is a drop in pricePrice Drop Alert

  • Sales and Discount

Run sale campaign to promote your website.Sales and Discount

  • Re-engage with Cart abandonment users

Many times the user abandon their travel booking. Run Push Notification booking abandonment campaign to re-engage with users.Re-engage with Cart abandonment users

  • Cross Sell

Promote complimentary offers using Web Push Notifications for travelers. If a traveler has booked a flight ticket, you can share a list of best hotels to book.Cross Sell

  • Engage users with timely Alerts

Keep your user engaged even after they have booked their flight or hotels at your site. Share the best places to visit during their tour.Engage users with timely Alerts

  • Review Campaigns

Let customer share their experience with you. Run a push notification review campaign to get customer feedback about your services and share on your site.Review Campaigns

  • Content Campaign

One of the best ways to engage users is through content. You can create contents on various topics related to travel like top destination, top budget hotels, the best place to visit in summer and more. You can also travel guides for Content Campaignusers. Content helps the user to re-connect with your brand. User Drip Push Notification campaign, to share content on regular intervals with users. This way you are connected to the user not only during peak season but also during off-peak seasons.

  • Creative Campaigns

Apart from the regular campaigns, you can run a special campaign during special events. The purpose of these campaigns is to offer different packages to make the event more special. Below are the examples:
Honeymoon Package

Honeymoon Package

Anniversary Package

Anniversary Package
Weekend Getaway Offer

Weekend Getaway offer

Re-engage with Old Customer

Re-engage with old customers

Travel Voucher

Travel Voucher

Web Push Notification is very easy to install and use. However, to get a better result for your travel business, follow the best practices of push notifications:

  • Increase subscription

The most important factor for the success of any marketing campaign is to have subscribers. With ever-increasing competition in the travel sector, it is very important to convert website visitors to subscribers. This way they can plan out suitable campaigns to convert subscribers to customers.
As compared to traditional media, Web Push Notification offers higher subscription rate. Push Notifications offers single step a two-step opt-in subscription option:
Subscription Rate For Push Notifications
If your site is HTTPS, use single step opt-in to get a higher subscription rate.

  • Segment Customers

Every customer is different and so is the requirement. People have different requirements when searching for hotels including types of hotels, location, flights, cabs and other. Once you have segmented customers based on theirSegment Travel Customers Of Push Notification Subscribers preference and previous travel itineraries, you can segment them. Later you can send targeted push notifications. During a research, it was found that notification sent to targeted segment increased click rates by 2X. Check out the below case for clear understanding:
You have a set of customers who always book hotels during the long weekend. Segment them and keep them posted with a list of location and hotels for the upcoming long weekend. This way the customer will know that you understand their requirements.

  • Crisp Notifications

The aim of sending the push notification to travelers is to ensure, they click. To do so, keep your push notification crisp, simple and clear. Keep the title and message clear. In travel push notifications, images create a great impact. Include beautiful images to capture the user's attention. If long holidays are coming, send them a list of nearby destinations with images and emojis. crisp notification improves notification performanceThe study shows that notification with emojis offers higher open rate as compared to the notification without emojis.

  • Time and Day

Timing is very important when it comes to sending push notifications to travelers. Keep your calendar ready and update users about the upcoming holidays and festivals offers. Travelers keep tab of the upcoming holidays and so should you. Not only that, but you should also analyze the analytics of push notification to understand which time and right Time and Dayday your users are most active. Send notification accordingly to get higher click-through rate for your push notification campaigns.

  • Share Social Proof

In today's online world, people look for social proof as a trust factor before making the final call. Using Web Push Notifications, you can ask people to share their travel experience with your company. You can run review campaignssocial proof to get more social proof. This will help to make your website a trusted brand in the travel industry and will increase transactions as well.

Another important factor for choosing Web Push Notification is the high open rate and click rate.

push notification is better than email

Using Browser Push Notification service, you can send a real-time push notification to your subscribers. This way you reach out to customers about different offers, sales and also re-engage with them in a timely fashion.