Guide to web push notifications

Want To Know How You Can:

  • Increase Your Registration Rate By 300%

  • Increase Your Open Rate By 500% to 700%

  • Increase Your Engagement By 4X

  • Use Images In Push Notifications For Better Impact

  • Increase Your Revenue By 25%

  • Segment Your Customers To Generate Higher CTR

  • Use Push Notifications Instead Of Email For Higher Open Rate

Learn everything about Push Notifications and how you can benefit from it. In this free e-book, you will see the best practices and the use cases for different industries and more.

Table Of Content

Chapter 1: Inside out of Push Notification

Chapter 2: How to use Push Notification?

Chapter 3: Impact of using Push Notifications

Chapter 4: Types of Push Notifications

Chapter 5: Types of Push Notification Campaigns

Chapter 6: Best Practices

Chapter 7: Use Case – Industry wise

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