Harry & David is a member of the 1-800-Family of Brands and is a provider of premium food and gourmet gifts. You will find a gift for every occasion.

Marketing Challenge

As a food and gourmet gift site, Harry & David receives a lot of traffic every day. Most of the products they have are perishable which increases the pressure of selling them fast. The best way is to keep the user engaged and bring them back to the shop again. The challenges were:

  • Convert visitors to subscribers
  • Keeping user engaged on a routine basis
  • Instantly update the user on incentives of subscribing
  • Leverage the power of Automated campaigns

They were looking for a new tool to solve their marketing challenge. They came across a new marketing channel, web push notification, and started using the PushEngage platform.

How PushEngage handled marketing challenges?

Subscription – Visitors to subscribers

Web Push Notification offers easy of subscription. Harry & David implemented single-step opt-in and got 15% subscription rate.

Promotional Offers – Keeping user engaged

As a gifting site, Harry & David run promotional offers from time to time. Using Push Notifications these are delivered instantly to the browser of the user and have resulted in increased engagement during off-peak time as well.

Drip Campaign – Update users on subscribing

Its always good to reach out to new subscribers and share the benefit of subscribing. This can be easily done using the Drip campaign. Harry & David implemented the Welcome Drip campaign to remind customers they have subscribed to Push Notifications.

This has increased the engagement of the customer and they are getting 5% CTR. They send a series of automated drip push notification to demonstrate the value of continually shopping with Harry and David.

Automated Campaigns

PushEngage understands the power of automation and has added the most critical features to its platform. Harry & David implemented:

Cart Abandonment Campaign: System automatically sends a series of push notification to cart abandonment users. Harry & David got 16% CTR for their cart abandonment campaign.

We’ve really enjoyed enabling this feature; we’ve seen significant impact to weekly sales due to the campaign. It is consistently our top performing automated campaign regarding conversion and revenue

Lacey Root & Alex Mangan – Marketing Team, Harry & David

Drip Campaign: It is an automated campaign that allowed Harry & David to reach out to the newly subscribed user. This has clearly helped them to keep the user engaged. Using drip they generated 5.4% of total push notification revenue.

Overall Impact Of PushEngage

With the advance features and automation tools, Harry & David were able to meet their marketing challenges. As a gifting website, they get a large chunk of business during November and December. With Push Notification, they were able to generate business during the off-season as well.

Push Notification Case Study data of Harry & David
  • Subscription Rate: They got 600K new subscribers in a relatively short period of time.
  • Revenue from Cart Abandonment: Cart Abandonment campaign has provided close to 15% of our total Push Notification revenue this fiscal year.
  • Revenue & Traffic from Drip: 5.4% of total Push Notification revenue & 4.5% of total Push Notification traffic.
  • Total Traffic: Less than 1% of total traffic.
  • Total Revenue: Less than 1% of total revenue

Regarding our overall revenue, PushEngage has been a very strong new channel. However, at this point, the percentage of total revenue is relatively low as we are working to grow our subscriber list. With all of this in mind, we are excited about the ROI we have already seen from PushEngage.

Lacey Root & Alex Mangan – Marketing Team, Harry & David

Features Used

PushEngage offers multiple features to ensure each client can maximize the benefits of using Push Notification. Two features which Harry & David used extensively:

AB Testing

AB Testing of push notification allows you to test your notification before sending it all.

We particularly like the a/b testing functionality. We can test new subject lines and see immediate results from the test, and then switch over to the most successful campaign for final sends.

Lacey Root & Alex Mangan – Marketing Team, Harry & David

AB Testing has helped Harry & David to find the best performing push notification.


PushEngage offers 6 different types of segmentation. Harry & David used the default segment based on device type: Desktop & Mobile. Segmentation helped them to target desktop users without troubling them on their mobile.

  • 6% CTR on the Desktop segment and 3% CTR on the Mobile segment.
  • Desktop represents 88% of all PushEngage traffic coming to the website currently with Mobile representing the remaining 12%.
  • Desktop segment represents roughly 98% of the total revenue brought in through Push Notifications.

Clearly, segmentation has helped them to target the most converting segment. The study shows that the segmentation of users increases the click rate by 2X.

What Harry & David has to say about PushEngage

Our company was looking for a new and unique way to contact our customers at multiple stages of their unique customer journey and we have been thrilled with the results we have seen from using Push Notifications. PushEngage is an amazing partner to work with. From initial set up and implementation to continued support and resources, the entire team is professional, caring and dedicated to a successful experience using their product. We are excited to see this channel grow in the future and look forward to continuing our relationship with PushEngage.

Lacey Root & Alex Mangan – Marketing Team, Harry & David

If you are looking to use web push notification, register at PushEngage. You will get all the help needed to get started and exceed.

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