Customer researching and buying online, especially mobile, is in full swing and there is no looking back for those companies who have formulated marketing strategies for mobile users. All kinds of businesses no matter how small or big have started building their own websites and creating a strong social media buzz. This is due to the search and people have reached such a state where they depend on the internet to stay updated even for the slightest information. Due to high mobile internet access in recent years, the decline in email open rate rose considerably and then new channels came in to let the messages to be heard. Browser Push Notifications is the most influential one among all of them.

Website Push Notification technology delivers messages to user’s devices from a website even though the user has not opened the browser. This message which pops out on your screen is clickable and so increases the chances of getting viewed. Push Notifications are generally used a) to let the readers know about the new posts or any content, b) to notify the subscribers about an upcoming event or newly published e-books, webinars, etc) to get more subscribers, d) to promote new products and services, e) to engage users who are not on your website currently, e) to restore abandoned carts.

Desktop Push Notification is a great way to boost customer engagement if you focus on delivering valued information to your customers. Customer engagement results in repeat visit and purchase. So, it is more important to know the tactics to know how to engage your customers to turn them into subscribers.

Here is our list of favor Push Notification campaigns:

1. Send Relevant Breaking & Urgent news alerts to subscribers

A news or content site can send relevant or breaking news to their readers with the help of Push Notifications. Once readers turn into subscribers, they will be able to receive all breaking news or articles even when the browser is not opened with the help of push notifications.  These alerts could be (a) Cricket Score Alert (b) Weather Alert (c) Breaking News Alerts.  Collect the user preferences around what they would like to receive notifications and send them only those. In PushEngage you can collect user preference by using our Javascript API's or using our auto-segmentation. Keep your engagement relevant to the user. For e.g. for a fashion site, user relevancy is very important when it comes to promoting fashion apparel. Send relevant notification to engage with users of the fashion segment.

2. Out of Stock Inventory Campaign

It is quite natural that a person adds a product while shopping online even if the product is out of stock to get the notification once it is back for sale. This could be for a product or for upcoming flash sales, or for a concert ticket.  Send push notifications informing them the product is back and how many are left in the stock. You can even attract them with an offer. It can boost your user engagement, and increase your revenue.

3. Abandoned shopping cart

Once a shopper leaves your site and does not complete the checkout process. Entice these users with personalized offers after some time, using Browser Push Notifications.  Cart Abandonment Notification is one of the most popular campaigns for ecommerce sites, and we can enable that using our Push Notification API's.

shopping cart abandonment push notifications

4.  Price Drop Alerts

A lot of shoppers do a price comparison and are willing to wait for the price to fall before they buy.  You can enable Price drop alerts on your site, using browser push notifications and convert these users when the prices reach the level at which these subscribers would buy.

5. Action Based Alerts for 2 Sided Marketplace to increase engagement

If you are running a 2 sided marketplace like – used product sales website,  a bidding platform, or a multi-player gaming platform, a matrimonial or dating site, you can alert the other party when there is action taken by someone else.  Example – If someone shows interest in your profile at a dating site, an alert can be sent.  If someone outbids an alert can be sent. These all can act to increase the engagement and increase the virality of your site.

Here are some tips as you create and run these campaigns  – 

1. Use Personalized Message

A personalized push message gives more impact than the regular one. It increases CTR by 25% based on the data we have seen. It is revealed that a majority of consumers respond to a message from their favorite brand if it turns out to be a personalized one. So go for it!  To personalize you can check out our automatic segmentation feature here.

2. Frame promotional message that works

You can notify any kind of message to your customer. But, to boost customer engagement, the messages you send them must also be engaging. Promotional messages can agitate customers who are always hunting for the best deals and offers. This will help you to retain your customers, reconnect with lost subscribers and also to get more engagement on your website.

3. Schedule notifications based on local geo-location

Any user might get irritated if their mobile beeps during the odd time. So, make sure you schedule the messages based on local geolocation. For this, you need to segment your users based on their location and then schedule the messages with its expiry date and time so that it looks more clear and impressive.

4. Track Push Notification Stats to improve engagement

Check on your click rate, your subscribers, and these numbers will let you know if you are performing or not. You can keep a tab on your inactive subscribers and retarget your users next time when you send your push notification the next time.

Another way to create boost customer engagement is by sending push notification based on emotion. Plan out the emotional triggers to send push notifications. This will improve customer engagement as well.

If you are still not signed up for PushEngage, go ahead and sign up and enable these campaigns. You can check out the push notification example to see how it works. PushEngage now supports AMP as well which can help you drive more traffic.

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