Web Push Notifications are the new opt-in method used by marketers and various brands. If not used the right way, this can increase the opt-out or unsubscribe rate of users and thus it can be ‘annoying’. Browser notification can get you more click-through rates when compared to newsletters or email notifications.

These Web Push Notifications are currently in a progressive state and are integrated with almost anything and everything for a faster communication, and engaging users. Read to know what are the 5 types of Push Notifications that users enjoy in real.

Research shows that sending powerful and segmented web push notification messages to improve your push notification metrics. But, note that the conversion rate is also dependent on certain factors including the objective of the messages sent, the time, number of notifications delivered, open and click-through rate on push notification messages sent, and other variables. Yet, you can drive higher Conversion Rate with push notifications if you keep an eye on certain other proven factors.

There are basically two types of Push Notifications. A) Personalized Push Notification where the users will get custom-tailored and scheduled automated push notifications so that it will lead to certain actions among the users. B) Behavior-based contextual notifications where users receive push notifications based on their behavior or their previous actions etc. Take a deeper look at some proven tips that you must know to get a higher conversion rate in Push Notifications.

  • Focus on your campaign for push notifications
    Set specific goals and stay focused on your campaigns before you send any push notification. You should have a clear picture of what your goals are. You can have many goals while you start a campaign that includes how to increase customer engagement with web push notification campaigns, re-engaging the lapsed users, drive-in some user activity etc. Now, when goal is to increase the conversion rate in push notifications, you should be capable of creating such direct and powerful messages that will make the user click on it and gets converted. Create messages that call for immediate action. Use ‘Call to action’ words and phrases in your message that will entice the users to click the message which in turn gets you a higher conversion rate.
  • Understand user behavior
    Well, if you are unaware of your user behavior and keeps on sending notifications, it will end up as a disaster. He is sure to block your push notification. So, know your user and his preferences. Understand the behavior of your users with the help of analytics and segment them based on their preferences and choices they had made earlier. Remember, differentiating your users before sending a push notification message allows you to create a smart plan as all users will not be converting the same way! Treat each segment in different ways so that finally they are convinced to make an action to the notification sent. Always keep an eye on your user behavior and reach them right so that you get the attention. Have a look on how to re-engage inactive website users using push notifications
  • Concrete, Crisp, Concise Message
    You are aware that push notification messages have limited characters and so it is quite challenging to convey your entire message. So, it becomes your challenge to get your users to know the message rightly without any havoc. Ensure that you do not send non-intrusive notifications; instead, the content in the notification should be focused. Such messages are likely to derive the desired action from the users and apparently, it will lead to more conversion. Get to know how to send push notification messages that really work?
  • Send highly targeted, personalized messages
    It is always recommended to plan strategies in such a way that you get through the user intentions and succeed in converting your users. Create personalized push notification messages using segmentation. It will help the user connect with you more easily resulting in an action. Do not send a single message to all your users. Instead, send messages to a target audience who has previously shown a preference for the kind of messages you are going to send. Retargeting users by sending personalized messages can get them back to you thus increasing the conversion rate. You can send any of those special offers available only to those users who would like to receive them. For example: if a user has left your website without completing an action for say by adding a product to the cart or looking for flight tickets and left without booking, you can alert the user with messages similar to his/her these previous actions.
  • Right timing is the key to success
    Sending push notifications to your users at the right time can help to increase conversion rate up to 25%! You can schedule your messages and this will enhance better performance and desired results. Choose the right time when the users are active and you can segment them accordingly so that your messages get converted. With PushEngage this is not a big task at all. The dashboard gives you the complete insight on what time your users are likely to click the notification, what time they are most active, and which time of the day you get the highest Conversion Rate. This will help you decide on the right timing. Further, you can use Autoresponders, and send them notifications exactly 24 hours, 48 hours later, or at the same time of the day when they visited your site the first time.
  • Analyze Push Campaign Performance
    You need to analyze your push campaign performances to know if you are getting it the right way. If you find that the performances of your push notification messages are not hitting the bull’s eye, then you need to check on what’s wrong and bring on new methods. You can experiment by sending more creative messages, re-segmenting your users, checking on their changing preferences, etc. This will help you get a better conversion rate.

Based on average statistics, the conversion of the subscription users to push notification messages seem to be almost 30% higher than that of the subscription to the email. So, go and check on these tips to get a higher conversion rate in your push notification messages.

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