Are you struggling to find campaign ideas for your Web Push Notifications? As a web push notification service provider, we have analyzed the successful push notification campaigns, we have come up with a list of push notification campaign ideas.

Based on the different actions and your objective, create meaningful campaigns to increase engagement and conversions. Check out the below list of push notification campaigns which you can execute for your online business.

Top 28 Push Notification Campaigns

  1. New User Campaign/Welcome Notification: When a new visitor subscribes to your push notification
    New User Campaign
    New User push notification Campaign
  2. Product Launch Campaign: When you launch a new product
    Product Launch Campaign
  3. Cart Abandonment Campaign: Many times the user adds a product to the cart but doesn't complete the purchase. Retarget them using cart abandonment push notification campaign. Create multiple cart abandonment templates to engage the user.
    Cart Abandonment Push Notification Campaign
  4. Browse Abandonment Campaign: Similar to window shopping, the customer comes to your website and browse through various products and categories and leave the site. Target those visitors using browse abandonment campaign.
    Create Browse Abandonment Campaign using Web Push Notification
  5. Product Review Campaign: Everybody looks for a good number of reviews before making the final purchase. Create a push notification review campaign to collect reviews from customers and increase the chance of conversion.
    Product Review Campaign using push notification
  6. Social Share Campaign: Let customer share product experience on social media with their friends and families. This increases the social proof of your product which can help to increase conversions.
    Social Share Push Notification Campaign
  7. Flash Sale Campaign: Run flash sale campaign to increase your sale. Flash sale are usually time bound and customer needs to act fast to benefit to avail the discount.
    Flash Sale Push Notification Campaign
    flash sale campaign using web push
  8. Service Feedback Campaign: Once a customer makes a purchase, ask them about the services offered by your customer care. This helps in building a long term relationship.
    Service Feedback Campaign using Push Notification
  9. Retention Campaign: User who has not done any shopping for a long period.
    Retention Campaign using Web Push Notification
  10. Thank You Campaign: When a customer makes a purchase, it's always good to congratulate them for owning your product.
    Thank You Campaign using Push Notification
  11. Contest Campaign: Run a contest to bring new customers and increase engagement.
    Run Contest Campaign Using Web Push Notification
  12. Festival Specific Campaign: During festivals and occasions, customers are open to spending on shopping.
    festival campaign using Push Notification
  13. Season Specific Campaign: Product demand varies based on different seasons.
    Season Specific Campaign Using Push Notification
  14. Action Based Campaign: Visitors perform different actions on your website. Create campaigns based on what action the user performs.
    Run Action Based Campaign Using Push Notification
  15. Cross Sell Campaign: Based on product purchase, create cross-sell campaigns.
    Cross Sell Campaign Using Push Notification
  16. Suggestion Campaign: You know the purchase history of your user. Share new ideas for the customer and how they can benefit.
    suggestion campaign using web push notificationSuggestion Campaign using Push Notification
  17. Product Demo Campaign: Record a video or run a live webinar for your customers. This way customer will get a chance to interact with you.
    Product Demo Campaign Using Push Notification
  18. Back in Stock Campaigns: Many time products go out of stock. Do remind the customer when the product is back in stock.
    Back in Stock Campaigns Push Notifications
  19. Breaking News Campaign: Update your subscriber about the current break news.
    Breaking News Campaign using Push Notification
  20. Blog Update Campaign: If you have recently published a new post, update your subscriber.
    Blog Update Campaign Using Web Push Notification
  21. Price Alert Campaign: Many times customer abandons their booking. However, if there is a change in price, alert customer immediately to make the purchase.
    Price Alert Campaign using push notification
    Price Alert Campaign web push notification
  22. Follow up Campaign: If a customer has not taken the desired action, you can follow up with them to check for any issues.
    Follow up with customer using Web Push Notification
  23. Trending Campaign: You have some winning products which are selling very well for the week. Engage customers with trending product.
    trending campaign using push notification
  24. Form Abandonment: Many times customers don't fill up the complete form and leaves the site. Create form abandonment campaign to target those customers.
    Form Abandonment Campaign using Web Push Notification
  25. Nurture Your Leads Campaigns: Once you have a lead, start nurturing them with valuable information. This can be done using Drip campaign to send auto notifications to your leads to nurture them.
    Nurture leads Using Push Notification
  26. Clearance Sale Campaign: Usually at the end of a season of festival, e-commerce companies have lots of unsold products. You can run a clearance sale campaign to boost sale to clear the stock.
    run clearance sale campaign using Push Notification
  27. Event Specific Campaign: During events, wish customers using Web Push Notifications. This helps in building a long term relationship.
    Event Specific Campaigns using Push Notification
  28. Deal Of the Day Campaign: Deal of the day is one of the most used campaign ideas every website runs. Promote any single deal or create a deal of the day page and promote multiple products like Amazon. Using Push Notification to run this campaign in automated mode.
    Deal of the Day Campaign using Web Push Notification